Business ideas for women from home- Earn lakhs in 2024

Nowadays, the number of working women is continuously increasing. Today, there is an abundance of women in every field. The number of women entrepreneurs has also increased. At the same time, more women than men work in small businesses. If the husband and wife work in a family, the financial condition of the family improves. Such families always avoid loans. 

You can start new work in the field in which you are experienced. Women can start many jobs with less money and less hard work. Learn about some such enterprises, and let’s discuss some small business ideas for women from home in India.


1.Child Care Business (बच्चों की देखभाल करना)

The best business idea that we can suggest is to take some training in childcare or nanny services. you can take a 3/6 month coaching/training from your nearby center. once you are certified, you can start your own business in this industry. Today, it can be considered as a best business idea for women.

Neha Sharma, living in Patna, studied bachelors in Arts. She got married in 2015, and after a year she became a mom. She was a housewife for 6 years and because her kid is now school-going, she has plenty of time at home. So she decided to take a 6-month training in child care especially for autistic kids which cost her 18 thousand in total. today, she is running 4 batches (12-15 in each batch) of autistic kids between 11 am to 6 pm, and today she is earning close to 1 lakhs per month after paying her assistant and rent of a showroom.


• Initial investment amount – less than 1 lakh

• Need of people- 1

• Cost of running a business – 0

• Monthly profit- 50-60 thousand

2. Tiffin Service Business (टिफ़िन सेवा व्यवसाय)

For many women, the love of cooking makes them great. If you do not understand any specific method of business, then start tiffin service. it has great potential to grow, as it is well-known as one of the best business ideas for women. Your food will be appreciated and your income will increase if you give lunch and dinner tiffin to the people around you. Now people living away from home like home-cooked food, hence the demand for tiffin services has increased in every area. Read in more detail…

3. Dance/yoga class Business (डांस /योग शिक्षण)

There is a demand for healthy lifestyles all over the world. In daily exercise, people do many sports like yoga, aerobics, and dance. Women can own fitness facilities and be professional trainers. You can become a Zumba instructor. Zumba is a very popular dance. People do Zumba dance to stay fit. You can start Zumba dance classes if you are interested in dance. Apart from this, you can also open a yoga and meditation center. Here you can take yoga and meditation classes, as the investment is not so high, it is a good business idea for women.

After inquiring to many online and offline dance and yoga teachers, we came to know they are doing so well in this industry.

On average, if you work for any coaching institute, you can earn 40-50 thousand per month, but if can open your own institute, this amount can be multiplied in many folds.

This business cannot be run only in the institute, you can give online classes too, which means with extremely less investment.


Watch a short video on Dance class business model

• Initial investment amount – less than 1 lakh

• Need of people- 1

• Cost of running a business – 0

• Monthly profit- 50-60 thousand

4. Beauty care Business (ब्यूटी केयर सेंटर्स)

If you are interested in makeup or skincare, you can turn it into a business. it is one of the best business idea for women. You can work for this yourself or give training to others. Makeup artists are in great demand. You can open a nail art parlor. Nowadays nail art is very popular. Moreover, bridal makeup parlors are very expensive. But not everyone is completely right in this. You can start this if you are confident in your makeup art. At the same time, spa and salons are also a good business option.

And when you become a skilled makeup artist you can start giving classes to new people in this industry. Today, we can see that many colleges are offering it as a course, and those girls also need practical experience, which you can provide by charging some fee and you can provide them with a completion certificate. Can., this will be your side. Income. You can also offer to earn money by shooting makeup tutorial videos and posting them on social media websites.

The best thing here is that if you go online, you can get a chance to work with some big brands to promote their products and for this, you will get paid a good amount.

• Initial investment amount – less than 1-2 lakhs

• Need of people- 1

• Cost of running the business – Rs 100-500 per day

• Monthly profit- 50-60 thousand

5. Cloud Kitchen Business (क्लाउड किचन)

A cloud kitchen is a type of food preparation space where only takeaway orders can be placed. Today, many women earn so well by doing this business from home. According to the growing trend, most of the online orders come from food delivery apps like Swiggy, Uber Eats, and Zomato. Apart from preparing not only regular food, you can also get orders for festivals like Laddu on Diwali, Malpuve, and Gujhiya on Holi, etc.

1. Start researching online and offline about local foods that most people enjoy in your city, and finalize a menu that you can serve.

2. Now you have to decide whether you want to run your business from home or you can rent a shop. You could start from home but make sure that are allowed to do so, check with your local municipality or housing board department.

3. Cooking large quantities of food will require different utensils and other kitchen equipment. Try to find some used utensils to keep your investment to a minimum.

4. Before starting your business, you need to apply for a food license, which you can get from the food department of your city. You will get a 1 year permit and have to renew it every year. They ask for minimum documents and some commitments from you like maintaining cleanliness in your premises, a fire extinguisher, and a few more.

5. Your cloud kitchen needs to be registered on food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato. Apart from this, you can also provide takeaway directly to the customers. People who live near you will come and take the order, and thus they will save time and delivery costs.

6 Finally, you can take the help of social media for marketing your kitchen. You can get pamphlets printed and paste them in the markets and crowded areas of your city.

Watch a short video on cloud kitchen

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