Best Business ideas in 2024

Low Investment Business ideas from home in india

If you are also one of those people who are tired of doing small jobs and now want to start your own business, but where to start, what work to do, and how to start with the lowest investment.  So you have come to the right place, Start your own business and earn 2-5 lakhs per month in 2024. Here you will be able to know the stories of many such people in their own words, who started their own work and today are earning good name and peace along with money.

Let us discuss such small business ideas which you can start from your home or even by starting a small shop with low investment. Women can also do many of these businesses.


Top 12 Best small and unique business ideas that you can start immediately alone

1. Candle-making business

Nowadays, candles or candlelight fixtures can often be seen in every home, party, and restaurant. This market is growing very fast. The Designer candle business is very profitable. No special skills are required to start this business. Candle-making can be a perfect choice if you are looking for small business ideas for women.

1. Goods – You must buy Paraffin Wax in bulk from a trader; for example, you can initially order a 50 kg bag. Along with that, you can get designer candle molds, cotton thread, and some different colors from any online website that you can use to make colorful candles.

2. Now place the paraffin wax in a big vessel on the gas, and pour the melted wax into
the mold, add some color, and put the thread. 

3. Let it dry for some time, then clean the candle a bit. Your candle is ready to be packaged and marketed.

4. You will need some space where you can keep your raw and ready-to-sell candles.

You can start selling it in nearby shops and restaurants. You can also earn good money by selling your product online.

Click here to know the price of Paraffin Wax   

Watch a short video on candle-making click here

• Initial investment amount – less than 1 lakh

• Need of people- 1

• Cost of running business– 1-2 thousand per day

• Monthly profit– 50-60 thousand

2. Tiffin service business

If you want to start some work from home then you can decide to adopt a tiffin business providing tasty and healthy home food, this type of work can provide you good income very quickly.                                    

There is a saying that the way to a man’s heart passes through his stomach.

 To set up a tiffin system business, you will really need good cooking skills, ingredients for cooking, and a lot of tiffin boxes at initial investment. Initially, you start this work with a few people, maybe you have hired someone to clean the tiffin and clean it after use, or if the women of your house support you then both of you can do it together. A lot of work can be done, and this business can be run 12 months of the year.

o    Start a food service business from your home.      

o    Fix the price of food per plate and charge customers a subscription for a month.            

o   Promote through pamphlets and posters at minimum cost.        

o   Provide delicious food to customers and change your menu everyday.   

o   Make sure to advertise in the nearby offices. 

Watch a short video on Tiffin services click here

• Initial investment amount – less than 1 lakh (utensils, tiffins, cooking utensils)

• Need of people- 1-2

• Cost of running the business – 1-2 thousand per day.

• Monthly profit- 60-80 thousand

3. Mineral water supply business

Yes, by now, you must have seen it inside big companies or at some function,  where you often see small (20-litre) waterbottles. Many times you might have seen water taps installed in them.                                 

But have you thought how big a market this can be? Every citizen of India is familiar with the shortage of water for business. Be it a city or village, there is a problem with clean water everywhere. In such a situation, people often ask for mineral water bottles for drinking water. 

Nowadays, not only companies and hotels but people also get such bottles installed in their homes. Just as the milkman gives milk daily, the waterman also provides water. If you start work even in one area, people will come to you to place orders.

A team member has worked for years; according to him, if someone does not have much problem, can invest a little, and wants to earn 50-60 thousand monthly, then this work is worth considering. Later, as you will be able to expand your work, the profit will increase, and within a short time, it can be in lakhs.

Yes, it will require some investment, and 100 square feet of land will be required. However, it is not necessary that the land be in the city center or market area. It can also be installed near a farm.                                 

The total cost will be Rs 5 lakh, including your water filter machine, empty bottles, rent, and any old washing vehicle. Once everything is set, your expenses will reduce significantly because you do not need any raw material or much hard work in this work. This work seems like an easy way to earn money.                                                

Click here to learn about the machines and their prices

To watch a short video on the Mineral water plant business, click here 

• Initial investment amount – 4-5 lakh (machines, machine set-up, water pipes, location)

• People required – 1-2

• Cost of running the business – Only electricity bill and transportation cost (1-2 thousand per day)   

• Monthly profit – 60-90 thousand

4. Benefits of having a car

If you are less educated and want to start your own business, then you can start your driving business by taking an old car, and if you work with companies like Uber and Ola, they will also provide you loan facility. And if you just want to do your work then you can earn good money in that too.                             

Today in India people earn 80 Thousand per month from one car, and they do not have to work under anyone. They are working on their own time. Yes, it would be good for you to start building your links as soon as you start working. This will ensure that passengers are kept happy so that they only show interest in your taxi in the future.

Once you buy a car,  you can earn from it in many ways, like small luggage shifting,  passenger pick-up and drop service, and joining a company to transport your employees in the morning, 4-5  Drop kids to school,  connect with companies like Ola and Uber,  book long and short trips, arrange weddings, or rent a car if you can’t spare a few days.                          

Yes, there are many companies like  ZoomCar in the market where, after registering, you can rent your car for a few days.          

•  Initial investment amount  3-4  lakh (car and its insurance  )   

•  Need of people  1 

•  Monthly Expenses  Petrol Cost, Maintenance Cost

•  Monthly profit  50-60  thousand 

5.  Juice shop corner

 Who doesn’t want to find a viable business idea? Today, doing good business with less investment is everyone’s first choice. In such a situation, definitely think about the juice corners or famous food items in your area. 

Nowadays, the demand for juice has increased a lot,  the reason for this could be that people have started becoming more concerned about their health. In such a situation, drinking juice can help improve your health. Juice is a diet that you can drink at any time.

Starting a fruit shop is really easy and requires very little investment. All you need is some fresh fruits, sugar, a filter water dispenser, and some juice-making machines. This business seems small, but the earning in it is good.                        

You can open a traditional juice stall or create an online store and offer fresh fruit juices to customers. Keep your shop a little clean. Along with juice, you can serve many types of shakes, like mango, banana, chocolate ice cream shakes, etc. Also, decorate them nicely and add some cashews, almonds, and coconut powder.

To watch a short video on juice business ideas, click here.

• Initial  investment   amount – less than 1 lakh   

•  Need of people-     

• Cost of running the business  2-5 thousand (fruits)  per day.  

• Monthly   profit –  50-60  thousand 

6. Recruitment Firm 

Nowadays, many companies  pay recruiting companies to help them
find the right person for the job.

In this kind of business, you do not need to go anywhere. If you live in a city
then you can start it from your home, however, if it is a small shop then your
name will be in the market, and you will have to spend less time on marketing
yourself. While walking on the street, people will come to you with their
resumes, and you just have to forward them as per qualifications and work
experience. Remember, the more links you build in more companies, the
more profit you will get.

On every successful appointment, you will get some commission from the company or you can also charge the applicant.

 Click here to watch a short video on recruitment firm 

• Initial investment amount  less than 1 lakh   

• Need of people 1 

• Cost of running business – Monthly Rs 15000  (shop rent, electricity bill,  document photocopy)    

• Monthly profit  60-80 thousand.

7. Paper plate/Disposal manufacturing business

Today, when you step out of the house,  you will see the use of paper plates or thermal plates, glasses, and bowls in every market. There will be no hindrance in this work for many years to come. Many local governments have banned plastic, so the demand for disposable paper items is increasing very rapidly in the market.                               

 Use of paper cup plates, Not only in roadside dhabas, fast food, and snack shops. Actually, apart from being used in various events, it is also used in various events, it is also used in big companies. Therefore, a huge scope for earning from this paper plate and cup-making business is waiting for you. 

In this work, you will need some space and machines in the beginning, as well as do some marketing in the beginning,  once some customers are decided, you will just have to deliver as per their demand.  

Click here to watch a short video on this business 

Click here to learn about the machines               

•  Initial investment amount   4-5   lakh (machines,  raw material,  space) 

•  People required   1-2 

•  Cost of running the business  2-5 thousand per day. 

•  Monthly profit  60-80  thousand

8. Gym center business

If this question comes to your mind, which business is less risky? Therefore, a gym business can be a good option; It is possible to earn a lifetime by making a one-time investment.

Going to the gym is very popular among people these days Be it a boy or a girl,   both like to look fit In such a situation, you can see good business for yourself in the desire of people. If you are interested in doing such a business in which you do not have to worry about your goods getting damaged or want to earn profit by investing money once and then opening a gym center can prove to be a profitable business.                     

1.  First of all you have to find a place where the population is good, or there is no gym nearby, or even if there is then you can enter it, you just need to have good equipment Gym, the fee also depends on the place Yes, so charge a reasonable fee.  

2.  For this you will need some space,  you can also take it on rent.       

3. After opening the gym, you can get customers by visiting nearby colleges,  coaching centers, and parks to promote your gym, which can give you a lot of profit.          

4.  You have to do some interior design work,  like installing mirrors,  floor mats,  water features, and a good sound system. 

5. If you old gym equipment from somewhere, you can save a lot of investment money.     

Watch a short video on gym center business

•  Initial investment amount   4-5  lakh (machines,  gym set,  space)

•  Need of people  1 

•  Cost of running a business – electricity bill only.   

•  Monthly profit   60-80  thousand

9. Online Restaurant business

If you want to start a food business from your home or small shop, you should consider an online restaurant. All you have to do is prepare the food and then pack it well. Today, there are many food delivery companies in the market which deliver your food to any corner of the city by taking some commission.                               

Manav Singh, who is doing this business in Chandigarh,  says that he also likes cooking and wanted to do something in it,  but he did not have enough money to open a good restaurant. So he took a rented house which was on the third floor  and from there he started cooking and selling it online and today it is doing very well. Now they have a good open space and have also hired two people. Even today they are selling food online, packing it and selling it to people nearby.  

Click here to watch a short video

•  Initial investment amount    less than 1 lakh  (utensils,  cooking utensils) 

•  People required  1-2 

•  Cost of running the business –  1-2 thousand per day.  


•  Monthly profit   60-80  thousand

10. Earn from YouTube

Friends,  as you all know today everything is happening online,  that is why
social media apps like Facebook and YouTube are very much liked, and you must
have heard that many people have become millionaires through them. Yes,  along with money, he also earned his name worldwide and is now living a
luxurious life. 

If you have some talent, you can also start your own YouTube channel. No
investment is required to start a channel. By following some easy steps,  the channel of your choice will be ready. Suppose you are very fond of cooking,  then you can create your own channel related to this or any other thing in which you have your own interest and you also know your work well. 

For this, you will have to spend a little, like you have a good camera and a good mic so that the voice comes out clearly and the audience also likes it. 

You can upload your videos on YouTube and Facebook and after some time, when your m channel reaches the minimum threshold declared by YouTube within a year i.e. 1000 subscribers and 40 hours viewing time, you will start getting money from the company. 

Now the question coming to your mind is how to create a channel and earn money from it, you will get answers to such questions through many videos on YouTube itself. You will learn well by watching some 3-4 videos. Just remember that you will have to work very hard to start it. You have to upload videos regularly and make videos on good topics. If
luck favors you, and you too can become a star overnight.    

Click here to watch a short video on YouTube business                             

• Initial investment amount   20-30 thousand (good camera and mic)

• Need of people  1 

• Cost of running a business – depends on the type
of videos you make     


• Monthly Profit     No limit, people are earning in

11. Sale of Plastic/ Utensils online and offline

Things like plastic items and steel utensils are used in the house,  whether people use them regularly or not, but every basic item of need remains in the house. So why not sell it online?                   

Prakash ji, who lives in Mangolpuri, Delhi, says that he has been doing this work for many years. He has a utensils shop in Mangolpuri itself. Before the shops were closed during Covid-19, he focused on online sales and with this decision his earnings increased manifold. Today  he says he gets 100-150  for which he has hired two people.

According to him, this work is going well. Now he is able to add five times the money every month with less effort. The unique thing about this work is that you get a good margin in it, for example for a steel jug they get Rs 22-25, and online they sell it between Rs  120-150After all expenses, he saves around Rs 50-60 per jug. And also there is no
hassle of any item getting damaged. 
This thing continues for years.                   

You should bring only a small amount of items to start the work otherwise you can
make arrangements with a shop 
that will provide you with small items at cheap rates on a weekly basis. This will also save your inventory/goods-keeping cost, and you will feel
less burdened. 

Click here to watch a short video                     

• Initial investment amount  less than   1   lakh  

• Need of people   1

• Cost of running a business     depends on the number of orders coming in    

• Monthly profit   50-90   thousand 

12. Organic farming, a booming industry

If you have some land and are not earning much on it,  whether it is due to lack of
water,  the soil is less fertile, or any other reason.            

You can earn excellent income from such land also. Yes,  you must have heard about organic farming these days. In this type of farming, you can grow many things and nutritious vegetables in good quantity on very little land. Because these will be grown organically, their price is also 3-4 times more than normal vegetables. Are some chemicals and pesticides not used in this type of farming? Nowadays, people like good food and spend a lot of money on food because people have understood that it is better to pay for good food than paying money in the hospital.

Rich people are eating everything that is cultivated organically; now, the upper and middle classes have also started following the same trend. Its demand is high among educated people, and that too not only in our country but also in foreign countries.                         

Once everything is set up properly, you can also export your stuff. Today, good demand for organic vegetables is being seen in restaurants also.              

Because the vegetables grown in this way are rarely available in the local market, people buy them online also. One of our friends lives in Canada, and he says that the price of just one organic cauliflower in Canada is Rs 400-500.  Hence, it is a profitable business. The demand for things like dragon fruit, litchi, strawberry, kiwi, and aloe vera is also quite good in the market.                             

Then why not try your hand in this business?  However, let us tell you that no one who has entered this business to date has been disappointed. In India itself, many people have left good jobs in big companies and jumped into this business, and there is still a lot of scope for progress in it.             

  here to learn about government schemes

•  Initial investment amount 2-3 lakh (depending on land,  temporary tent). 

•  People required  1-2  

•  Cost of running a business  20-30  thousand rupees  

•  Monthly profit-   land  wise and vegetables/fruits wise

There is no right or wrong time to start a business. When you have a back-up plan and have considered all the aspects of your business and made a plan on how to deal with them, then that is the right time to enter in the business.

You can start a part-time business, it could be freelancing work means- providing online services, teaching in your spare time, or seasonal selling of food, clothes, festival-related stuff or decoration items.