Below 1 business lakh ideas

Every person wants to start his own business, and if somehow he finds something that requires less investment and has good scope for growth. Take a look at the small business ideas given below, which require a maximum investment of Rs 1 lakh only. 

1. T- shirting/Uniform making

You might have seen people wearing T-shirts with a picture of themselves or their loved ones,  or sometimes they like to write something on it. The trend of wearing such clothes is in great demand in the market. Therefore,  T-shirt printing is a successful small business that anyone can start.

By printing required designs and logos on T-shirts, you can build your network and ultimately earn a huge amount. For this, you will have to spend money on a good T-shirt printing machine. There are a lot of reasonably priced computers available in the market,  with some of them starting from Rs 30,000 onwards. If the machine seems expensive,  it can be rented from someone for a month or more. Once the endeavor becomes profitable,  the owner may choose to purchase the machine outright. This industry is currently in high demand due to social media influencers wearing customized t-shirts.

You can start designing yourself or ask customers what they want printed on their shirts or t-shirts. If you are good at designing,  you can publish those designs on your website or other social media platforms.  If people like your design,  they will buy from you directly.

2. Food stall/cart

Wherever you go, you will see food stalls everywhere, but not every food stall earns so wellthey may be able to run their house well but never thought of making it a big brand.

While some people live to eatothers eat to live. A food corner has all the
necessary components for success. You may have to struggle for a few days
in the beginning
but it is true that Indians are food loversso the chances of success are high.

The investment to open a food stall will be less than Rs 1 lakh, for a small businessbut you will get a profit within a few months.

The best tip to start this type of business is to start by exploring the areas around
how the vendors are selling, and what are the food items that are not easily availabletalk to the shop owners. Get started and get some basic ideas to step into the business. 

3. Hair saloon Men/Women

Starting a salon can be a good business for someone who loves doing people’s hairmaking cosmetics, or grooming.

If you don’t know about hair-cutting etc, you can do a 6-month course while doing your job, or whatever you are doing currentlyonce you are confident enoughyou can start your business. Are. And if you don’t want to do it yourselfyou can hire someone on a salary basis.

4. Teaching business

Teaching is a great career where you not only earn money but also earn respect and mental peace by seeing the success of others.

Todaymany YouTubers have started teaching online, and there is still a lot to be done in this field. To start this businesstake a space on rentgive it a brand name, and start a coaching institute. If you are not good at teachingyou can hire a teacher or postgraduate studentsthey will happily join you.

Apart from starting at home, many people also need a shop in a reputed neighborhood. One can be successful in this business without making significant financial investments and can also earn good profits.

5. Vendor during festivals

If you do not want to start any regular business but want to earn good extra income, then think of buying materials in bulk near festivals and selling them only for 10-15 days, surely your festival will be in your hands. I will leave a good amount of money. On
Diwali, you can sell things like candles
postersshirts and t-shirtsand food items. You
can apply the same trick to every famous festival.

Rajesh from Modi Nagar bought Rakhi’s worth around 12 thousand this year, and he sold them for around 35 thousand in just daysand he still has some leftwhich he will sell next year.